Chevron Zig-Zagz Collars PAC001-PAC004

Chevron Zig-Zagz Collars PAC001-PAC004
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Chevron Zig-Zagz Collars are our new Pet Designz range.

Bright colours with plastic clips with epoxy Pet Designz logo. Colours include; Jade Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Red and Royal Blue.

  • Style 
  • Class
  • Fashion

PAC001 - 10mm/20-30cm for Puppies

PAC002 - 15mm/20-40cm

PAC003 - 20mm/40-55cm

PAC004 - 25mm/48-70cm

Be sure to add our Chevron Zig-Zagz  harnesses or leads to the collars. The Pet Designz range is available through Pet Accessories Australia.


Puppy in Jade Green Collar Storm in Elegantz Harley in Chevron
Chevron Blue Collar Chevron Red Collar Chevron Jade Collar
Chevron Pink Collar Chevron Purple Collar Bruce in Chevron  red Harness
Bruce in jade harness Bruce in blue harness

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