Solar Powered Snake Repeller DMT026

Solar Powered Snake Repeller DMT026
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Solar Powered Snake Repeller 

Our Solar Powered Snake Repeller is 100% safe around children, pets, wildlife, birds and livestock. The snake shield produces large vibrations that are strong enough to deter or repel snakes from around homes and property. Once snakes detect the vibration through body sensors they will think danger is up ahead and change direction.
One unit covers approx 1000 sqm (36m diameter). It is portable with long-lasting batteries.
The vibrational motor has very little sound. Snake Shield has alloy ground posts and a large 1800mah battery, as opposed to a 600mah battery in previous models. 
LED will light up when activated. 
Uses 3.7 V li-Ion rechargeable battery. 
Twin pack.
42cm tall.


Solar Snake Repellant

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