Do you sell to the public?
No sorry, we only sell to retail customers such as Pet Shops, Grooming Salons, Veterinary Practices, and the like. If you find a product on our site that you like, ask your local pet shop if they'd order it for you (help them out by giving them our phone number ... 07 3048 1410. Phone us and we can find a store in your area who stocks our items. 

Do you Dropship?

No, we are a wholesale business and do not support drop shipping 

Do you supply from specialised suppliers?
Yes, we provide products from leading brands sourced globally for our customers

Do you have your own brands?
Yes, we have products made especially for Pet Accessories. They include; Pet Designz, Pawz Toyz, Barkmate , Dogtra and Bird Designz.

What pets do you supply for?
Our pet products are especially for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals

What pets products don't you include?
Due to the nature of our warehouse we are unable to supply any perishables so we do not sell pet food. We also do not sell for bigger pets like horses or elephants (just in case you had a pet elephant). We don't supply fish and aquarium products either. However, we do have plenty of products for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals (mice, rabbits, rats, ferrets).

What sizing do you include?
Sizing varies from product to product but is rounded off to the nearest cm. There may be slight inconsistencies in sizing in some instances.

What if there are out of stocks in my order?
We will note all out of stocks on your invoice. In most instances we will call you and see if you would like a substitute if subs were available in the colour and size you have requested. Stock levels will vary. If you have done an online payment, you will only be billed for the stock provided. This will usually include a freight charge.

How can I order if I do not want to do it online?
We are happy to take your order via phone. Call Emma in the office 07 3048 1410 and she'll be only too pleased to discuss your pet product needs.

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend to order from Pet Accessories Australia?
No. We do not have a minimum order amount, but we do have a minimum shipping and handling charge of $20

What if I need to cancel my order after it is already packed?
Contact the office 07 3048 1410 and we will arrange a restock of the items we have a 20% restock fee - due to the nature of the products the process to unpack and restock is time consuming and has a significant cost