Orders under $300 to be paid at checkout prior to shipping Flat $20 

Orders Over $300 and Under $500 to be paid within 14 days of Invoice Shipping $20 Flat 

Orders Over $500 to be paid within 30 days of Invoice Free Freight 

NOTE- Freight to NT WA and Tas will be quoted and confirmed before shipping

 The company may charge the Applicant interest of 10% or at current bank overdraft rates (whichever is the higher). In the event that payment in full is not received in accordance with Condition A. above interest will accrue on a daily basis from the due date of payment in addition there will be a $15 per month admin fee added to overdue invoices monthly

 The Applicant will be liable to pay any legal costs or debt collection charges incurred by the Company in collecting outstanding accounts whether for collection of monies due or for recovery of goods supplied. 

 All orders shall be executed at prices ruling at the time of delivery.

 Goods are sold “ex store” and a delivery charge will be added to each invoice for orders under $500 this will be a flat fee of $20 - Remote area charges may apply if you are outside our regular service area. 

 All goods returned for credit shall be packed in their original containers and if soiled or damaged may be rejected or credited at a reduced rate at the sole discretion of the Company. No claim for credit on returned goods will be recognised unless made within seven (7) days of delivery and in every case the original invoice number and date must be quoted.

 The Purchaser/s acknowledge that the title to the goods supplied in the order/s placed by the Purchaser/s (or any agent of the Purchaser/s or any person in the employ of the Purchaser/s acing on behalf of the Purchaser/s) with Pet Accessories Australia will not pass to the Purchaser/s until these goods have been paid in full and that until such time title and right to repossess the goods will rest with EDCR Pty Ltd trading as Pet Accessories Australia who shall be entitled to retake possession of the goods. 


H. Goods are supplied at the sole risk of the Applicant from the time that the Applicant takes possession of them or they leave the Company’s premises whichever is earlier.

 The Applicant agrees to inform the Company if any change of address and/or owners of the Applicant together with any information which may affect the decision of the Company to grant credit to the Applicant.

 The Applicant authorises the Company to confirm and exchange credit information.

 The Company may, if it advances credit to the Applicant, withdraw that credit at anytime for any reason whatsoever in consideration of the Company agreeing to grant credit facilities to the Applicant if the Applicant is a company with the undersigned Directors of the Applicant, the Directors do hereby jointly and severally guarantee payment of the Applicant’s account and agree to indemnify the Company to the extent of, all monies now and hereinafter owned by the Applicant to the Company and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained on this application form and that the Company may at all times act as if it were the principal debtor. In the event of all Directors of the Applicant not signing this form, we the signatories of this form will accept full liability under this guarantee and agree if requested to execute the Company’s standard form of guarantee. This application is signed as a Deed.

 The Applicant, in the event of default, agrees that the Company may commence Court Proceedings against the Applicant in any Australian Court and submits to the jurisdiction of that Court.

M. Goods may be supplied in cartons. The Applicant shall check how many items there are per carton. The Company may supply sufficient whole cartons to satisfy the Applicant’s order. The Applicant agrees to accept all products so delivered.