PAA Bark Collar Passive - Citronella Spray


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This Spray Bark Collar provides you with an effective and humane way to train your pets to stop barking faster and better.

1. Innovative product design with two design patents

2. Reliable gas storage, no leakage, reliable and durable

3. Small size, suitable for large and medium-sized dogs, spray sputum, effectively no harm to dogs

4. Lightweight (58 grams), comfortable for dogs

5. Waterproof structure design, waterproof and rinse

6. Use the rechargeable battery and fully charge within 2 hours

7. Power saving design, standby time is about 10 days

8. The shell is made of corrosion-resistant material, wear-resistant and durable

9. Can calculate the total number of sprays, LED light low indication

10. Full of gas can be sprayed 28-35 times

11, use pure nylon belt

12 Months Warranty 

PAA Bark Collar Passive - Citronella Spray