PAA Electronic Fence System - Wireless


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The latest is invisible fence tech to keep your dogs from ranging outside the desired area.

Features of shock fence for dogs:

1. Combination function of the in-ground fence system and remote training system.

2. Train up to 3 dogs from the same remote trainer, long range up to 1000 meters in an open field

3.10 levels each of continuous and momentary stimulation

4.“Buzz” sound activated with a separate button

5. Two buttons “+” and “-” allow you to set the intensity

6. Dog selection buttons allow you to select a dog

7. LCD digital display for 10 stimulation levels and dog ID

8.10 seconds of safety stimulation. Receive collar stop shock automatically when pets get stuck in the correction zone for more than 10 seconds.

9. Audible wire-break alarm

10. Beep warning with 4 levels of shock correction

11. Pets pass through In-Ground Fence System safely without any shock corrections.

12.100M wire, 50 PCS flags and 2 Adaptors included

13. Water-proof receiver and remote trainer

14. Rechargeable receive a collar and Remote Trainer (rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery)

15. LED low power indication, red light flash when the battery is low.

PAA Electronic Fence System - Wireless