Reusable washable Pee Pads a better choice


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Reusable Pee Pads. 

Reusable - No more filling landfills with plastic disposables pads.

These pads can be used day after day.

Machine Washable, very EASY TO CLEAN, so taking care of your dog’s pee pad is a breeze, simply throw in the washer with a little detergent, just like you would wash your own laundry.

With highly absorbent inside material and 100% waterproof outers.

Save Some Money - Stop throwing away money on disposables. You will be able to use these over and over again for mega savings every month.

Comes in 2 colours, Bumble Bee Yellow and Swirly Green


  • M - 50x70cm
  • L - 70x100cm 


  • Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) fiber
  • absorbent cotton
  • TPU waterproof layer
  • polyester fibre with non-slip mat


    Reusable washable Pee Pads a better choice